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DAC doesn't install

Howdy, Jamie. I'm running into an issue deploying the DACPAC. I've been running the SSISReportingPack DB for a while, so I told SSMS to upgrade via DACPAC. I get the following error: Missing val...

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IE10/SSRS 2012 Cropped Display

I just deployed to a 2012 server and the reports get cropped horizontally and end up with scrollbars. I attempted to change the report orientation to be landscape and re-deployed to no avail. Can...

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Sort order of tasks in a For Loop Container

The execution tasks in the loop containers are being returned in alphabetical order of execution_path rather than based on loop number or exec time. So I'm getting them in FLC Task[39], FLC Task[4...

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Unable to turn off all but 1 result set

With the command below I get two result sets, it would be great to only get one as shown in attached image. exec SSISReportingPack..sp_ssiscatalog @exec_warnings=0, ...

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(Feature request) Bottom N results in resultsets

Suggested by Martin Cairns at

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Some of the SSRS reports return an error when opened on SharePoint

Hi, I'm not sure if this is really an issue with the reports, just a problem with Sharepoint-integrated SSRS or something else, but anyway: Sharepoint 2010 SSRS 2012 Deployed the reports, some wo...

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Event Handler Messages are not displayed on Execution report.

Hi, When I call "Dts.Events.FireInformation" from with in an event handler the message is not displayed on the report "Execution". Steps to replicate: What I have is a "Sequence Container" with a...

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Report Pack Fails to Deploy folder-project-package

Report Pack Fails to Deploy folder-project-package. Bread crumb [@FolderId.Label] is invalid. Also now the dashboard is here which report is the one the controls the accent color?

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most recent failed execution failed

I built 8 ssis reporting pack connected on different 8 servers. On 2 servers, the report "most recent failed execution" never end. I applied the corrections of indexing [internal].[event_message_co...

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sp_ssiscatalog feature: show duration of leaf level executables

Often you don't want to know how long containers, only the actual tasks themselves. Build something into sp_ssiscatalog that enables one to see this.

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